Beni Gassenbauer

Passageway, watercolor, 57x76 cm

« I am absolutely captivated by the game of light and shadow everywhere I go. Living in Jerusalem for almost 40 years, I am attracted by the light that gives this city its unique atmosphere of mystery. Watercolor provides me the necessary lightness and transparency. It allows me to paint -with poetry - the Mediterranean light that burst out in the brightness of the sun and penetrates the deepest shadow, creating breathtaking, intense color contrasts. »

Beni’s vocational training was developed by attending the workshops and lessons of leading Israeli art teachers. He exhibits in well known galleries and was selected to present his works at many major international watercolor exhibitions. 

Halina's bouquet, watercolor, 57x38 cm

Infinity, watercolor, 38x57 cm

Motherhood, watercolor, 57x76 cm

Morning light, watercolor, 57x76 cm

Morning mist, watercolor, 38x57 cm

Roofs in winter, watercolor, 38x57 cm

Looking for freshness, watercolor 57x76 cm

Dry Hills, watercolor, 57x76 cm

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